New to equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) work? You’re in good company. The journey can raise many questions, and some we can answer right here. Browse, read, and if your question is more unique, reach out. 

Do I have to/can I sign up for all 7 classes at once? How often are they offered?

Participants sign up for one Commit Series class at a time. As groups of participants complete each class, the next sequential class will open up enrollment options for the following month. At the beginning, there will be many options for the first few classes, eventually evening out to a cadence where each class is offered at least once a month. Because individual schedules are variable, it’s ok to take the time your schedule needs between classes to complete the series.

What’s covered in the Commit Series?

Across the 7 classes, participants will:

  • Become familiar with the role of equity, diversity, and inclusion in WashU’s mission and commitments
  • Explore the role of effective dialogue in realizing those commitments and build and practice dialogue skills
  • Examine our role as individuals in the collective work of building and maintaining an inclusive and equitable WashU
  • Explore how this all supports Here & Next and other institutional priorities

Throughout, participants will practice honest dialogue, learn and practice skills for inclusive convening, and deepen their hands-on understanding of and ability to practically apply equity, diversity, and inclusion principles.

Can I do this individually? Can I do this with my team?

Yes to both! Even if teams don’t attend the same class time, teams are encouraged to make time outside of classes to reflect on learnings and insights. There will also be opportunity to connect with individuals from across the university who are moving through the series.

When will new classes launch?

Spring 2023 and summer 2023 the full Commit Series will be in the process of rolling out. Because each class builds on the other, taking:

  • Community Commitments
  • Commit to Dialogue
  • Navigating Dialogue

are required before taking the remaining four classes. Class Four: Commit to Inclusion will launch June 2023 with the next classes being offered soon after.

Once live, every class will continue to be offered at least once each month. This means there is flexibility for your schedule and needs as you move through the series.