Wondering what to expect from the Commit Series? Each of the seven classes focus on individual skills that build the ability to engage in equity and inclusion work in a lasting way. The series begins with Community Commitments, which is offered multiple times a month, every month. Participants can expect to invest two hours per class and can complete the full series in a few months.

Read descriptions of each class below!

Class 1: Community Commitments

What commitments has WashU made as an institution in pursuit of equity and inclusion? How does that promise impact staff and faculty in the workplace and what responsibility do each of us hold? Explore the language of EDI and the meaning we assign it to create a shared understanding

Class 2: Commit to Dialogue*

How may our perspectives impact the people around us? How much could the thoughts, beliefs, and actions we express (and leave unsaid) be shaping our everyday interactions? Explore how interrelated our interactions and conversations are with equity and inclusion work. 

*Note: Prerequisite for this class is Community Commitments.

Class 3: Navigating Dialogue*

When does conversation turn from dialogue to debate? How does pursuing one over another beneficial for navigating relationships? Explore and practice starting in May 2023.

*Note: Prerequisite for this class is Commitment to Dialogue.

Class 4: Commit to Inclusion

*Note: Prerequisite for this class is Commitment to Dialogue.

Class 5: My Commitment

Registration dates coming soon!

Class 6: Commitment in Action

Registration dates coming soon!

Class 7: Commit to Equity

Registration dates coming soon!

Upcoming Classes

The complete Commit Series will be fully live summer 2023. All seven classes begin on a rolling basis. Once launched, each class will be offered multiple times each month, every month. Join classes at your own pace in Learn@Work.