The Academy seeks to support, align and institutionalize existing efforts to shift campus culture and climate. We build and strengthen relationships to foster collaborative partnerships to further engage and learn with our community.


During this first phase of the Academy, we also hope to support units on campus as they think through and develop strategic plans and goals regarding diversity, equity and inclusion. We seek to be in partnership with units as they move from increasing awareness of the need for change to sustaining necessary shifts to norm a more diverse, equitable and inclusive campus culture and climate. If your unit seeks support and partnership with the Academy in this area, please contact Marina Gross at, our Strategic Engagement Lead.


Over the past year, we’ve learned there are many individuals and areas of campus that provide our community with diversity and inclusion training, skill-building, and education opportunities. If you are a provider of such opportunities, we seek partnership with you to deepen support, increase alignment, and strengthen institutionalization of these existing opportunities. If you are in need of such resources or opportunities, we hope to help you in determining what pre-existing offerings on campus best meets your needs. Please contact Maricela Alvarado, our Associate Director for Learning, Skill and Capacity Building, at for support or questions.

Equity & Inclusion Council

The University has announced the creation of the Equity and Inclusion Council, a new standing body charged with continuing the work of the 2017 Diversity and Inclusion Commission report. If you are interested in learning more about the Equity and Inclusion Council you can visit the new website or sign up for updates.