Through awareness, understanding, and transformation, The Academy seeks to support, align, and institutionalize existing efforts to shift campus culture and climate. We build and strengthen relationships to foster collaborative partnerships to further engage and learn with our community.

How to Access Learning Sessions:

The Academy for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is offering virtual and in-person learning sessions. Learn@Work acts as the university-wide registration platform. Best practices for navigating Learn@Work include:

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Where does change start? Through awareness. We cannot change what we do not recognize. All “Foundations” curricula strives to draw attention to the essential elements required for culture change and is the recommended entry point for skill building with the Academy.

Robust course descriptions live within the Learn@Work platform; click “register” to view.

Foundations of an Inclusive Workplace*

| Oct. 4 | Register

| Oct. 19 (In Person) | Register

| Nov. 16 (In Person) | Register

| Dec. 6 | Register

*Please note Foundations of an Inclusive Workplace satisfies the prerequisite for courses offered among the “Skills” coursework.

Foundations of an Inclusive Workplace:

Navigating Difficult Conversations

| Oct. 13 | Register

Foundations of an Inclusive Workplace: Mindfulness (Requires prerequisite be met.)

Oct. 31 | Register

Fundamentos para un lugar de trabajo inclusivo:

Atención Plena | Not set at this time.

Curricula Launching this Fall

NEW: Foundations of an Inclusive Workplace:

Faith Zone Religious Diversity & Hospitality | Sept. 20 | Register

NEW: Foundations of an Inclusive Workplace:

Fostering Age Inclusivity | Sept. 28 | Register

How does change progress? Through understanding rooted in awareness. As a step into deeper understanding, “Skills” courses take a spiraled approach, using “Foundations” coursework as a baseline to further equitable, inclusive work at the individual level.

Skills for an Inclusive Workplace: Core Concepts (Requires prerequisite be met.)

| Oct. 12 | Register

| Dec. 1 (In Person) | Register

| Dec. 7 | Register

Skills for an Inclusive Workplace: Navigating Difficult Conversations (Requires prerequisite be met.)

| Oct. 26 | Register

How does change flourish? Through transformation. After becoming aware and understanding impacts of thoughts and actions, every individual is capable of propelling change in their lives and those of others. It is organic and adaptable. And it requires continuous reflection and learnings. The “In St. Louis” and “Phases” offerings help to foster this agency and growth.

In St. Louis: Ferguson Commission:

| Oct. 12 | Register

In St. Louis: Story of Change:

| Not set at this time.

In St. Louis: 5 Years Later:

| Not set at this time.

Phases of Culture Change: How did we get here?

| Sept. 21 | Register

Phases of Culture Change: Key Influences (Requires prerequisite be met.)

| Nov. 16 | Register