Engage EDI is a: 

  • Sequential, 
  • Group-based,
  • Self-reflective, 
  • Skill-building approach to equity and inclusion work at WashU. 

Engage EDI acts in support of Here & Next. The program welcomes all staff and faculty to join our university’s collective pursuit of a transformed campus community. Every individual can Engage EDI in a meaningful way. From newly hired employees to tenured faculty, curious observers to committed change makers, wherever you are on your EDI journey and in the university you are a part of building, maintaining, and extending equity, diversity, and inclusion at WashU. 

 How can I Engage EDI?

  • Start your journey with the Commit Series
  • Move into action through ongoing practice and learning (launching Fall 2023)
  • Transform your area of the university (launching Spring 2024)

I’m in. What comes next?

Commit Series 

The Commit Series is a supportive, interactive, iterative space for staff and faculty to learn and practice skills as they begin their journey towards equity and inclusion at WashU. It is the first step in the Engage EDI program. The Commit Series begins with class one: Community Commitments. From there, join classes at your own pace. Every class in the series builds on the one that came previously and is focused on one of four interrelated concepts. True to its name, the Commit Series is a commitment– one the university hopes every employee will choose to make. 

What to expect: 

Participants will feel supported with intentional guidance and support of trained facilitators. After finishing the full series, participants will have invested 14 hours over several months as part of their contributions to make WashU equitable and inclusive.  

At a Glance

  • Start with Class 1: Community Commitments
  • Set your own pace
  • Register for each of the 7 classes
  • 14 total hours of skill building & practice 
  • 1 Personal Commitment Statement