The Current State of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Washington University

Essential to the work of the Academy is understanding clearly, for all members of the University community, the experience of being a part of this community, at this moment in time. Also crucial is understanding the landscape of assets and resources already devoted to diversity, equity, and inclusion across the University.

To that end, the team is currently working to index and categorize:

  • Roles across the university with responsibility for diversity, equity, and/or inclusion (which may or may not include these in their title).
  • Committees, task forces, and working groups focused on diversity, equity, and/or inclusion.
  • Programs and initiatives designed to support greater diversity, equity, and/or inclusion.
  • Training efforts designed to foster greater diversity, equity, and/or inclusion.
  • Status and progress on recommendations from the Commission on Diversity and Inclusion.

To read more about the context, challenges, and opportunities related to diversity, equity, and inclusion at Washington University today, view our Orientation Document here.